Freight Logistics Group Pack (36 Student Licences) - 12 Month

Freight Logistics Group Pack (36 Student Licences) - 12 Month


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Learn where you want, when you want - with online lessons that include that include theory presentations, exciting investigation activities and assessment quizzes.

This Freight Logistics Group Pack allows online access for 36 students for 12 months.


Our Group Packs offer access to many Learning Management System features, including:

  • Tracking of student progress

  • Generating (and exporting) progress reports

  • Access to an intuitive dashboard, for all your data


The licence gives access to a comprehensive series of learning units, covering topics such as:

  • Basics of Storage

  • Picking Stock

  • Efficiency and Optimisation of the Warehouse

  • Human Resources

Pack contents (PDF)

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Sample content screens - freight logistics pack


What lesson topics are covered with the licence?

Take a look at our Freight Logistics InfoSheet to see a full topic listing.